Aspire Program

An extended curriculum for gifted young minds.

The Aspire program offers students extended academic opportunities across Humanities, English, Science and Mathematics.

Operating as distinct class groups in Years 7-10, the Aspire program provides enriched learning experiences that are tailored to develop and advance students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in a dynamic, challenging and supportive classroom environment.

Aspire students are provided with specialist learning opportunities designed to advance their academic achievement, including through participation in competitions and engagement with subject-specific learning incursions and excursions. Members of the Aspire program also benefit from invitations to attend workshops to further the development of their study skills, time management and organisation, with an emphasis on building social, emotional, physical and academic resilience.

In partnership with the University of Western Australia (UWA), the Aspire program offers students direct engagement with tertiary education throughout their schooling at Byford.

Aspire students are invited to engage with UWA through a range of exciting events including:

Footsteps to your Future 

A Year 7 workshop provided by the UWA Aspire team that introduces students to university life and tertiary education in the areas of anthropology, science, linguistics, commerce and engineering. Year 7 Aspire students participate in a series of challenges based around problem solving, creativity, team work and critical thinking.

The Amazing Peacock Mystery

 A Year 8 workshop provided by the UWA Aspire team that continues to develop students’ interest in tertiary education across a range of learning faculties including psychology, forensics, anthropology, law and finance. Year 8 Aspire students complete a criminal investigation challenge that develops their problem-solving, critical thinking, team work, communication and analytical skills.

Race Around Campus

A Year 9 excursion coordinated by the UWA Aspire team and conducted on the UWA campus. Year 9 Aspire students compete against student groups from other schools by completing a series of challenges across the UWA campus, providing them with an experience of university life for students of medicine, anthropology, law, commerce, design and engineering.


A Year 10 workshop facilitated by the UWA Aspire team that develops students understanding of individual career planning. Year 10 Aspire students are guided through the ATAR calculation process and shown how upper-school subject selection decisions translate in a university context.