Education Support

Catering for students with a range of disabilities and learning difficulties.

Supporting the learning journey and social development of all students

The College supports the learning journey and social development of students across the full spectrum of disabilities from severe and profound in specialist facilities, to students with mild disabilities taught within mainstream classrooms.

Byford Secondary College has a strong belief that all students attending the College are an important part of our inclusive community. Students attend the College with a range of abilities and are supported through purpose built facilities and multi-level classes on individual learning programs. The College prides itself on being able to give individualised care and attention to help each student reach their potential; developing their self-confidence, independence, knowledge and skills to take advantage of increasing opportunities beyond school. Our focus is on providing a safe and caring learning environment that encourages students to become self-motivated, independent learners. A strong pastoral care program supports the social and emotional needs of the students, whilst the diverse range of academic and life-skills programs nurture academic excellence for all students.

Educational Journey

The educational journey that all students encounter is delivered through a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) with a person centred approach. Community based learning is a high priority as well as onsite work experience to achieve and further skills.

Classroom teachers access the Australian, WA Curriculum and ASDAN, while using ABLESWA as a tool for guidance within their everyday teaching and learning practices to ensure they provide the best education for each student in their class. 

Students access English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, Science, Health and Physical Education, Technologies, Social Skills, Community Access and Protective Education across the week, ensuring the teachers are delivering a well-rounded curriculum. 

In addition, staff work closely with students’ key stakeholders, including families/carers, therapists, Local Coordinators (LC) and other external providers to implement specialised programs and target objectives for the growth of the child. The staff cater for all needs of each child, ensuring therapy plans are implemented during the week.