Understanding the application of mathematics for practical solutions

Mathematics at Byford Secondary College aims to foster students’ mathematical interests, talents and creative development through an interesting and challenging curriculum in an environment that supports the pursuit of excellence. With a focus on assisting each student to do their best, we regularly deliver additional tutoring classes for students at all stages.

Mathematics plays a key role in developing students’ numeracy and assists in learning across the curriculum. Students will use ideas about numbers, algebra, measurement, geometry, statistics and probability, and mathematical ways of representing patterns and relationships, to describe and interpret their social and physical world.

Read, write and speak

Students will learn to read, write and speak mathematics in various contexts and forms so that they can understand and convey mathematical ideas, interpret prose containing mathematical forms, and continue to use and learn Mathematics autonomously outside the school setting.

Our teachers are skilled in assisting students with diverse interests and abilities to understand and apply the full range of mathematical concepts. Our program is designed to:

  • Encourage students to develop an interest and a liking for Mathematics
  • Provide a challenging curriculum that fosters appropriate academic and creative development
  • Illustrate to students the applications of Mathematics
  • Develop student initiative in problem solving.

For students with a particular interest and drive to extend their mathematical abilities outside the classroom, we offer opportunities to participate in competitions such as the Australian Mathematics Competition, Olympiads, Have Sum Fun and Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge.