Encouraging curiosity, exploration and critical thinking.

Through the study of Science we are able to understand the workings of the world around us.

The Byford Secondary College Science department understands that science is about the exploration of the unknown, testing theories and understanding causality. It is an ever changing field that impacts every facet of the world around us through environmental, technological, medicinal and mechanical advancements. More than just teaching the basics of science, our team of educators aim to inspire an appreciation for science and it’s applications beyond school.

Student focused learning

Through the integration of whole school strategies and knowing our students, lessons are challenging yet achievable for students of all abilities.

With the inclusion and focus on ‘Science Inquiry Skills’ and ‘Science as a Human Endeavour’, students are able to make the link between the classroom and Science in the World around us. They are provided opportunities to build on their skill set both at an academic/subject specific level, but also in the context of their social, emotional and physical resilience. Students are encouraged to ask questions, challenge concepts and ‘have a go’, overall improving their critical thinking and investigative skills.