Digital and Design Technologies for the modern world.

The Technologies Learning Area at Byford Secondary College offers study in the contexts of Design (Technical Graphics), Digital Technologies, Food Specialisations, Food and Fibre, Materials Specialisations and Engineering Principles & Systems.

Our technologies department is one of the largest in the College with several purpose built classrooms and demountable classrooms. Students will learn practical applied knowledge that they can immediate integrate into their everyday lives. Skills such as sewing, and cooking are basic life skills that add to a confidence. Metal work and wood work are skills that aid the expression of creativity through functional means and provide an exploration into possible future pathways.

Learning experiences

Technologies motivates young people and engages them in a range of learning experiences that are transferable to family and home, constructive leisure activities, community contribution and the world of work.

Society needs enterprising students who can make discerning decisions about the development and use of technologies, develop solutions to complex challenges and contribute to sustainable patterns of living. Technologies can play an important role in transforming, restoring and sustaining societies and natural, managed and constructed environments. Technologies provides students with authentic learning challenges that foster curiosity, confidence, persistence, innovation, creativity, respect and cooperation. These attributes are necessary when using and developing solutions to make sense of complex ideas and relationships in all areas of learning.