Handbooks And Personal Items lists

Handbooks are an insight into the programs offered each year to a cohort

Depending on student numbers, interest, and staffing availability these may change year to year.

The lower secondary school curriculum at Byford Secondary College follows the Western Australian Curriculum and provides students with a range of subjects that fit their needs and/or interests and in which they may ultimately specialise in Senior School. Students are enrolled in the standard class set: Maths, Language, Science, English, Humanities and Physical Education/Health. Students move through rotational Arts programs like dance, and visual arts.

Personal Item lists are resources required for the year

These lists are reviewed annually by our Leaning Area Leaders and the College Board in ensure that all items are relevant.

BYOD Requirements

Students will need to have a device in their possession each school day in order to maximise participation in the learning opportunities and activities presented in their classroom.
The College prefers an iPad (must be iOS 14 or above), however any Laptop/tablet running Windows 10 Home or Pro can also be supported by the College network.

  • Android devices and iPad Mini are not supported.
  • Second-hand and reconditioned devices are acceptable.
  • A keyboard accessory, robust drop proof case & AppleCare protection/warranty are recommended.
  • Minimum storage of 32GB. If your child is enrolling in media type classes, consider getting a larger capacity device to store recorded video.

While you may source your device from anywhere, the College has previously partnered with JB Hi-Fi to offer a range of suitable products at education specific prices.  Go to jbeducation.com.au/byod the Code for Byford is byfordsc2023 .

The College makes every effort to protect students from inappropriate websites, and we recommend that safe internet practices are followed outside of the College as well. Running services such as VPNs to evade restrictions will result in the device being banned from our network. Please see our IT policy at https://byfordsc.wa.edu.au/policies.

Private insurance of your student’s device is strongly recommended as the college is not liable for any damage to personal items.