Our College has several policies in place to allow Byford Secondary to be a safe and productive environment to grow and learn.

Our policies are designed to help staff, students and their carers to understand the processes that underpin the colleges operations. They are made available to everyone, and for everyone so we can provide a clear and fair understanding across the entire college community.

WA Positive Behaviour Support (WAPBS)

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a process for creating a safer and more enriching school environment by establishing a positive, proactive school-wide behaviour management practice. It is a data-driven framework comprised of effective practices, interventions, and strategies for establishing a healthy social culture within the College. Under this framework we will outline and encourage expected behaviours that were created in consultation with staff and students.

At Byford Secondary College, our community has decided that we are:


Each of these four values are elaborated into behavioural expectations through our WAPBS Values and Expectations Matrix. These behaviours are encouraged by a positive rewards system we call “PBS points” or “ROAR rewards”.