We carefully plan and deliver strategic lessons that improve educational outcomes for students and provide an environment where students and staff can thrive.

Excellence in learning

At Byford Secondary College we have a positive approach to learning and believe that all students have the capacity to learn. We provide an engaging learning environment where we continually develop the scholarly behaviours of our students and motivate them to achieve the best possible outcome.

Shaping students into globally minded life long learners

Our Educators are dedicated to preparing your child for a future of possibilties with a focus on shaping students into globally minded life long learners.

We are committed to and accountable for delivering quality teaching and learning programs to improve outcomes for all our students. We build the capacity of our staff though a strong evidence based focus on coaching.

Positive Behaviour Strategies (PBS)

Byford Secondary College has begun the journey to become a recognised PBS school. This means we are working hard to create a culture of positivity and positive regard in our staff, students and families so we can all work together for the betterment of our young people.