PBS Lessons

A resource tool for BSC Staff

Explicit Lessons

Part of PBS is the explicit teaching of our Values and Expectations. Each of the 35 Expectations listed on the matrix have corresponding lessons to be delivered to each year group. 

A PDF Matrix with links to Year group lessons can be accessed HERE or by clicking the image below. 

If you have any issues locating the lesson, ask your departments PBS representative or contact Shanaaz Te-Ahuru or Emma Hussey.

How to Access Lessons

How to use the Lesson Matrix:

    • Click THIS LINK or Matrix image. A new tab with a PDF of the Matrix will pop-up.


    • Find the Positive Behaviour Expectation you are teaching, for example “Organised – Being on Time”.


    • Click the Expectation.


    • You should be taken to the PBS OneDrive where the lessons for that Expectation are listed.


  • Find the year group you are teaching, download the files.